Thursday, June 14, 2018

Trump Gets Owned By Kim, Again

Look, I'm all for anything that prevents World War III from happening. Nothing keeps me up nights like the sinking feeling the human race might one day be blown out of existence with the flick of a switch. And unlike many of my fellow progressives, I was hoping Monty Hall might strike some kind of substantive deal with Kim Jong Un. But based on what actually transpired, the whole meeting was a colossal waste of time.

In fact it was worse than a waste of time. Not only didn't Trump get any concessions from the North Korean dictator, he agreed to end joint military exercises with South Korea next year without so much as an FYI to the South Koreans. He also pledged not to impose any additional sanctions on North Korea. Yes, the great deal maker, who bragged that he didn't need to prepare before his meeting, got his clocked cleaned. Again!

And to add insult to injury, Trump heaped nothing but praise on Kim throughout the entire visit, at one point calling him "very talented" and insisting that he loved his people. Just to be straight here, Kim's major talent appears to be making his opponents disappear. And as for the love he feels for his people, if terrorizing an entire population counts as love, then Kim is fucking Santa Claus. My God, it was humiliating watching President Shitzenstein practically dry-hump this tyrant with the entire world watching.

But if you thought Trump was Kim's bitch in Singapore, back home, the GOP went one step further. They practically fell over backwards complimenting Trump on his negotiating prowess. To hear some of them, you'd have thought it was FDR, Churchill and Stalin at Yalta all over again. These were the same people, mind you, who went apoplectic when Obama signed the Iran nuclear deal, which was a verifiable agreement that led to the elimination of 98 percent of that country's uranium stockpile.

Can you imagine what would've happened if Obama had agreed to a sit-down meeting with a dictator like Kim? And then, while at that meeting, he made concession after concession without getting anything in return, all while praising him? It would've been viewed as the biggest disaster to befall Washington since the Canadians burned down the White House in 1812. I mean, Sean Hannity would've had a stroke. Just look at the guy's neck. He's practically one Bayer aspirin away from keeling over in his chair as it is.

Jesus, do these people have any pride at all? I've heard of loyalty to your president, but this isn't loyalty; it's a sick form of idolatry. This is no longer the party of Lincoln. Hell, it's not even the party of Reagan. It is now the party of Trump. Anybody who doesn't worship at the alter of his highness is ostracized. Just look at what happened to Mark - Appalachian Trail - Sanford. He was critical of Trump and was subsequently defeated in a primary. Not even the Gipper at the height of his popularity wielded this kind of power.

If you weren't afraid before Won Dum Fuc went to Singapore, you should be now. Not only does this prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that Trump sucks at negotiating - which as a salesman I've been saying for well over a year - it also confirms that no matter what he says or does he can count on blind allegiance from his own party.

Meaning if Trump decides to remove U.S. troops from the Korean peninsula tomorrow to appease his new BFF - sorry, Ivanka, you're out. That's what you get for undressing Justin Trudeau with your eyes - the lives of 30 million South Koreans won't be worth the price of a used Hyundai.

Sorry, I meant preowned Hyundai.

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