Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Have You No Shame?

I realize that's a rhetorical question. To have shame a man must first feel remorseful. And we both know you're incapable of that. Your mentor, Roy Cohn, taught you well. Never apologize for anything and never let sentiment get in the way of your ambitions.

Throughout your depraved life, you've screwed countless people, told one lie after another and created something of a legend as a man who would rationalize the most deplorable conduct to get what he wanted. The consummate transactional businessman devoid of even a semblance of a moral compass.

The only thing worse than your racist-filled campaign has been your racist-filled administration. You have surrounded yourself with the most disgraceful demagogues ever assembled in one cabinet, from Steve Bannon to Stephen Miller. If Joseph Goebbels were alive today, he'd be blushing.

From your Muslim ban to your use of the term shit-hole to describe certain countries with predominantly black or Hispanic populations to the way you practically ignored the suffering of hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico and the environmental catastrophe that continues to plague the city of Flint, Michigan, it's clear who butters your bread. It was not by accident that you stoked 200 years of white rage. Only a person of your ilk could have the balls to defend white nationalists as "fine people." Well done, sir. You are the hero of every Ku Klux Klan dragon and neo-Nazi in the country. A regular Stonewall Jackson.

But getting back to your business acumen, if you can call it that, how many successful business people do you know of who file for bankruptcy, not once, not twice, but six times? You owned a casino that went belly-up. Who does that? Admit it, everything you touch turns to shit, from your airline to your scam university. You're running the country the same way you ran your business, which is to say right into the ground.

And then there's the Russia investigation. You must be shitting your pants over this. Level with me, if that's even possible, you don't give a rat's ass about whether Mueller finds evidence of collusion. A man with no conscious or scruples could scarcely be concerned about whether he or his associates committed treason with a foreign power. As for obstruction of justice, you've already said you have the power to pardon yourself or anyone else for that matter. Your consigliere, Rudy Giuliani, has already admitted this whole thing will be "cleaned up" once the investigation is over.

You and I both know why you're so paranoid these days. Mueller knows where you get your income from and he's going to tell the world when he issues his report. All that Russian money being "funneled" through your corporation. Admit it, no American bank would loan you a wooden nickel, not with your history of defaulting on them. The only people who would give you the time of day are pals with Putin, which means you're knee deep. And here's the thing about money laundering, as I'm sure your attorneys have told you, you can be prosecuted at the state level, and no presidential pardon can prevent that.

Face it, Donnie, you're going away for a very long time - you and your whole rotten crime family - once you leave office. And make no mistake about it: even if you manage to win a second term, you will still leave office one day. You may think you're an emperor or dictator, but you're really not. That's because the founders of this country knew what they we're doing when they drafted its constitution. You can attack its institutions all you want - from your own justice department and FBI to the press and media - in the end they may be scarred, but they will survive you.

But now you've outdone even yourself. Your administration's decision to separate children from their mothers at the border makes your Muslim ban look like a walk in the park by comparison. I didn't think it was possible for you to sink any lower, but you surprised even me. Racism, corruption, contempt for the rule of law, those were just your basic standard operating procedures as far as you were concerned. But ripping kids right out of the arms of their mothers? You just took the term depraved indifference to a whole new level.

By God, man, you're a father. Well at least you impregnated all three of your wives. That technically makes you a biological father as far as the law is concerned. But I would've thought even someone as loathsome as you would never dream of committing such a heinous crime as damaging these precious young lives. And mark my words, you have. The trauma your policy has brought upon these kids will take years to recover from.

And it is your policy. Don't even think about blaming Democrats for this fiasco. You can parade your sycophants on Fox News all you want; it doesn't change the facts one bit. Your party controls both houses of Congress and you are the fucking president. For once in your detestable life, have the balls to own what you've done, you diseased maggot. I'm sure Roy Cohn will give you a Mulligan this one time. And while you're at it, tell Jeff Sessions to stop misquoting scripture to justify your ungodly policy. If it's a Biblical passage you're after, try Matthew 25:40. "Whatever you do for the least of these brothers and sisters of mine you do for me."

Holding children hostage - which you most certainly did in a tweet - to secure money for your insipid wall is beneath even you, and that's saying something. The United Nations just called what you're doing "government-sanctioned child abuse." Once again, you've embarrassed this country on the world stage. Congratulations, Skippy. You're batting a thousand. Even some of your docile Republican stooges are calling you out.

You could stop this if you wanted to. Right now, in fact. All you have to do is issue one of your many executive orders, you know the very same executive orders you accused your predecessor of using too much, and direct the Department of Health and Human Services to cease and desist separating children from their mothers. Then you can do something constructive: work with Congress on real reform that can fix our broken immigration system. There are people in both parties who are eager to work with you to pass legislation that you can sign into law.

But then who am I kidding? You don't want immigration reform. If you ever signed a real reform bill into law your base would abandon you like rats on a sinking ship. The only way you got elected was by appealing to every bottom-feeding ignoramus hiding under every rock in the country. You would no more betray them than a drunk would pass up a drink.

You're a piece of work; a man for whom decency and civility are but words in the dictionary. You wouldn't know a genuine selfless act of kindness if it came up and groped you in the genitals. I would say I feel sorry for you but, sadly, the gesture would be a waste of time. If there is one word that can best sum up your miserable existence it would be vacant. Vacant of love, vacant of principles, vacant of mercy, vacant of empathy, vacant of hope. I would add vacant of intelligence, but then you haven't been the first idiot to occupy the Oval Office.

They say the pathway to hell is paved with good intentions. Let's just say for the sake of argument you've decided to skip the good intentions part.

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