Do Not Shed A Tear for This West Wing

One of the more amusing aspects of this travesty we call an administration has been watching the media and Democrats fell sorry for Jeff Sessions over the way Donald Trump has been treating him. Sessions, they rightly point out, from the beginning was one of his most loyal supporters. How could he humiliate him like that?


Are these people serious? Have they not been paying attention the last six months; indeed the last two years? This is standard operating procedure for Trump. In his world, loyalty flows upward never downward. Just look at the recent "resignation" of Anthony Scaramucci. First Trump hires him, supposedly to force out Reince Priebus, and then, after he does the heavy lifting for him, Trump brings in John Kelly as new White House Chief of Staff, who then boots Scaramucci. I swear you can't make this shit up.

Let me just say unequivocally right here and now. I have absolutely no pity whatsoever for anyone who was stupid enough to work for this man. Not Jeff Sessions, not Sean Spicer, not Kellyanne Conway, certainly not Scaramucci, and, yes, not even Kelly. The press and the media are all tripping over one another saying that Kelly will finally bring some order to the West Wing. Meanwhile Ivanka Trump, the First Lady pro temp, tweeted that she's "looking forward to serving alongside John Kelly as we work for the American people. General Kelly is a true American hero."


Serving alongside?

Things like this simply do NOT happen in normal White Houses. But in the Trump White House, it's just another day at the office. In fact, you could call this White House AB-normal, to borrow a phrase from the movie Young Frankenstein. That's why I give Kelly a month at Comedy Central before he either tenders his resignation or it gets tendered for him. Knowing Trump's track record, it'll probably be the latter.

This is a man who, while he was a candidate, shrugged off a tape of him bragging about grabbing women's pussies as mere locker room talk; who openly encouraged violence at his rallies; who mocked a disabled journalist and issued threats against the media in general for publishing unflattering but true stories about him; who, time and again, made derogatory comments about Hispanics and said that African American communities were war zones.

And, since becoming president, he has done everything possible to thwart a criminal investigation into possible collusion between the Russians and his campaign, including firing the FBI director for not stopping it and belittling his attorney general for having the good sense to recuse himself from any involvement in it. He has lied so often over the last six months, it is actually easier to count the number of times he has told the truth.

He has zero integrity, zero accountability, zero couth and zero respect for the law. Just last week, at a rally on Long Island, he actually gave permission to the police to slam the heads of suspects into the doors of their cars while they were being apprehended. That same week, he spoke in front of the Boy Scouts of America and used some of the most reprehensible language any president has used in public. It was so offensive that the Boy Scouts of America issued an apology. The mind boggles.

So, you'll forgive me if I don't shed any tears for his staff. When you enter into a contract with the devil you shouldn't be surprised when you get stuck with the horns. The real victims here are the rule of law, the Constitution of the United States, indeed the very institutions that keep the country from descending into a Banana Republic. And they have been under constant assault ever since Trump took office.

The staff of this White House has bent over backwards trying to justify the unjustifiable and coddling a man who sees himself not as a president but as a dictator. You don't pity such people; you hold them in the contempt they were meant to be held in.

To hell with Jeff Sessions; to hell with them all.