Sunday, October 25, 2015

Send In the Clowns

Watching the Republicans' interrogation of Hillary Clinton this week, I was reminded of that scene in the movie Animal House where a fraternity freshman gets his butt paddled with a stick and says, "Thank you, sir, may I have another?" The only difference is that in this instance the GOP has been both the giver and recipient of the paddling.

For eleven hours, Trey Gowdy's henchmen took turns bending over and smacking themselves in the ass in front of an entire country. And they looked like fools the whole time. Even people not normally sympathetic to Clinton couldn't help but remark she had a pretty good day. Good day? Her campaign announced that donations on Thursday - the day of the inquisition - were flooding in and most of them were under $250. Even more encouraging was that a majority of them were from new donors. If that's a good day, I'd love to see what a great day would look like.

I've heard of death wishes, but this is ridiculous. Think about it. The Republicans have chaired nine investigative committees on Benghazi to the tune of $20 million in taxpayer money and all they've accomplished is making Hillary Clinton look like a victim. In the process they've turned a national tragedy into a three-ring circus. If I were Hillary, I'd volunteer to testify for the next round of hearings in advance, say sometime in the summer, right about the time Ben Carson or Donald Trump is wrapping up the GOP nomination. Who knows, if her campaign gets an early enough heads up, they can schedule their own pay per view event.

And now, having thoroughly made a mockery of this whole process, these rocket scientists are planning on holding a select committee on, you guessed it, Planned Parenthood, led by Michele Bachmann wannabe and Captain Video space cadet Marsha Blackburn. I swear somebody must be spiking the punchbowl over at the RNC. Normal people aren't this consistently stupid, or self destructive.

The more I think about, the more I realize John Boehner may be the sanest Republican in Washington. He had the good sense to get out while the getting was good. What I can't figure out is why Paul Ryan would knowingly sign up to take his place, especially since the loonies who forced Boehner out don't think he's a true conservative. Ryan is many things, but a moderate isn't one of them. Apparently the litmus test for purity with the Freedom Caucus is a willingness to take the whole nation with you off the cliff.

Well in a few days Ryan may get that opportunity. The debt ceiling needs to be increased by November 3 in order to avoid a default. Assuming Boehner punts, which he might, it will fall to the new Speaker to decide whether he wants to play Russian Roulette with the full faith and credit of the United States.

Twice before in the last four years, these clowns have played with fire and damn near burned down the whole joint. Will the third time prove to be the charm or will Paul Ryan have the courage to disappoint them just like his predecessor did on so many occasions?

We'll have to wait and see; with bated breath.

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