Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Ten Years Ago

It's hard to believe that ten years ago this month, on a suggestion from a friend, I decided to launch my first blog: Christians Against Hypocrisy. Initially, the blog was little more than a sounding board on the growing political influence of conservative Christians in the country.  I still remember that first posting. I asked a simple question.

"Are you, like me, fed up with the conservative right defining your type of Christianity for you?"

A few brave souls took the time to read the piece, which was hardly the stuff of Pulitzer prizes, and chimed in with their comments, all of them encouraging. I can't begin to thank that friend for his suggestion - though I'm sure more than a few could question his sanity. It proved an invaluable release valve for my pent up frustration.

By 2008, with the heat of a presidential election gripping the nation, I began to hone my writing skills. 2009 saw a total of sixty postings, many political. It was clear that the blog was becoming less about religion and more about progressive values. So by early 2010, I decided to launch another blog - this one - which would specifically speak to those values. And over the last five plus years, I have, I hope, done a credible job advancing them.

I have never apologized for my beliefs, though sometimes, I have had to atone for how they were expressed. What can I say, I lead with my chin. And while I have spared no expense going after conservatives in this blog, on more than one occasion, I have focused my wrath on progressives. I find that many of them share one thing in common with the Tea Party. They're too caught up in their own private Idaho. A bubble is a bubble, no matter which side of the political aisle you're on.

And naturally, when I've done that, I've taken my fair share of lumps. Though this blog doesn't get a lot of followers, those who do follow it have never been shy of letting me know what a sellout I am. If there's one thing that makes me nervous about the 2016 election, it's not the Republicans, it's progressives. Had they made even a modicum of effort to show up the last two midterms, Democrats would still control both Houses of Congress. No they're not nuts like the Tea Party, but they're lazy as hell many times. And they can be such cry babies, especially when they don't get their favorite candidate.


No doubt, I'll get some flack for the above. Know what, screw 'em. Wanna prove me wrong? Show up next year regardless of who the Democratic nominee is. Even if it's Hillary.

Anyway, it's been a nice ride so far. I just hope that the next ten years are as fruitful, if not more so. See 'ya around.

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