Sunday, February 23, 2014

Idiots' Delight

Well February certainly had its fair share of idiots; in fact, so crowded was the field, I was starting to worry that we might actually end up with the equivalent of a typical NHL playoff format. For those of you not familiar with hockey, that would be 16 entrees. Thankfully, I was able to narrow the field to a more manageable five.

Unlike prior months, there's no particular order of importance. Let's just say all of these "winners" were on equal footing in my book. Instead, I chose the order based either on when they happened or when I first knew of them.

The overreaction to the Coca Cola Super Bowl ad. For those who actually bothered to watch the game - all 50 of you - this otherwise innocuous ad has taken on a life of its own. In case you missed it, the ad featured America the Beautiful sung in several foreign languages which, to the overwhelming majority of people in this country, went virtually unnoticed.

But to the wingnuts on the Right, it was like lighter fluid on a barbecue that's been cooking for well over a decade. They simply can't accept the fact that America is becoming a multicultural nation and that the world they know is rapidly coming to an end. By the middle of the century, whites will be a minority in this country. Nothing can stop it. That realization hasn't sat well with some. Predictably they went ape-shit over the ad which, for them, only rubs salt in their make believe wounds.

For which I can only say, amen. Take a good look at your future. It's closer than you think.

Laura Ingraham's racist comments about Justice Sotomayor. It's hard to keep up with all the ridiculous and obnoxious comments that come out of the mouth of this Ann Coulter wanna be, but her latest rant about Sotomayor is one for the books, even for her. Here's what she recently said on her radio show:

"Why do we have a Supreme Court justice whose allegiance obviously goes to her immigrant family background and not to the U.S. Constitution?  Her duty is to defend the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America. And that's what she says?"

What was it that Sotomayor said that put Ingraham over the edge? She used the term undocumented immigrant instead of illegal alien. Yeah, that was it. That was what caused her conniption. Some would call this semantics, but to people like Ingraham, Sotomayor might as well have burned the American flag in broad daylight.

Forget that Sotomayor was born in the Bronx, which by default makes her a U.S. citizen and NOT an immigrant, the fact that she believes that terms like illegal alien are "insulting," doesn't disqualify her from being a Supreme Court justice, anymore than Ingraham calling herself a conservative doesn't mean that all conservatives are idiots. 

David Gregory's mud-wrestling match between Bill Nye and Marsha Blackburn regarding Global Warming.  Now here's a novel way to treat one of the greatest threats facing the planet. Invite a scientist whose specialty isn't global warming and a politician who knows absolutely nothing about science at all to "discuss" their views on the issue. Of course the fact that 95% of climate scientists agree that man is responsible for the planet's rise in temperature over the last century is irrelevant to Gregory. So long as both sides are "represented" that's all that counts. That he would so haphazardly handle such an important topic as this in such an amateurish manner is disgraceful.

Since taking over the reigns of Meet the Press a little over five years ago, Gregory has done his utmost to destroy what Tim Russert spent over a decade building: credibility. This latest episode should accelerate the show's slide into mediocrity. Gregory's next feat no doubt will be refereeing a steel cage match between a Rhodes scholar and a high-school dropout on the merits of a college education. I can just see the caption now: "Are brains really all that necessary." If you're David Gregory, apparently not. 

The Arizona anti-gay bill. I plan on dealing with this issue in more detail in another post. Suffice to say if you thought all those voter suppression laws were horrendous, you won't believe what Arizona is cooking up. If passed, the law would ostensibly allow businesses to discriminate against the gay and lesbians communities on the basis of "religious freedom." All it needs is Governor Jan Brewer's signature to bring it to life.

Operating under the pretext that tolerating homosexuals somehow threatens their way of life, the Christian Right has successfully launched a campaign that paints them as victims of discrimination for, I hope you're sitting for this, gays forcing their agenda down their throats - pardon the pun.

In a move that would make Vladimir Putin proud, Arizona is poised to do the unthinkable: to do to the LGBT community what decades of Jim Crow laws did to African Americans. This isn't a religious issue; it's a civil rights issue, but try telling that to these modern-day Pharisees. 

MSNBC for piling on over the Chris Christie Bridgegate scandal. I honestly don't know if Chris Christie knew about the lane closures on the George Washington Bridge. Maybe he did, maybe he didn't. For all we know, he might've planned the whole thing. And, yes, unlike Benghazi and the I.R.S., this is a real scandal that before it's over might well end up bringing down the governor.

But the way MSNBC has handled this scandal has been shameful. For over a month, it has been the network's number one story. To be frank, they've beaten it to death. It's one thing to report the news; it's quite another to drool over it. And, let's be honest here, nothing would delight liberals more than a disgraced Chris Christie out of contention for the Republican nomination. Virtually every poll taken before the scandal broke showed Christie as the only viable threat to Hillary Clinton in 2016.

I have no problem with a liberal point of view and I'm certainly not implying that MSNBC has been guilty of fabricating news stories to suit an agenda - they're not Fox News - but one can be liberal without frothing at the mouth. Engaging in this kind of behavior only lends credence to the ridiculous claim that the Left is just as bad as the Right.


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Peter Fegan said...

An earlier version of this post included a Kansas anti-gay bill that, thankfully, failed in the state Senate.