Wednesday, August 7, 2013


So Reince Priebus is threatening to deny CNN and NBC the "honor" of carrying the Republican debates leading up to the 2016 election if they go forward with their plans to air movies based on Hillary Clinton. Really, that's his move?

At the risk of jumping the gun a bit, Priebus is now the odds on favorite to win the year-end Idiots' Delight award. I know it's only August, but it'll take a herculean effort to top this bit of lunacy. I doubt if even Sarah Palin is up to the task.

Seriously, less than a year after getting annihilated in the general election, the chairman of the Republican National Committee is prepared to boycott two major networks over a movie that hasn't even been finished yet, nobody has seen and will most likely air way before the first debate is even scheduled.

Memo to CNN and NBC: Call his bluff!

That's right. If Reince Priebus wants to take his ball and go home with it, let him. You'll be doing the country a public service. Imagine all those evenings in which viewers won't be subjected to the rantings and ravings of a bunch of loons all clamoring to appeal to a target market that is barely able to drool and walk upright.

In fact, I have an even better idea. Let's see if we can entice CBS and ABC to run marathons of The West Wing while listening to Fleetwood Mac's "Don't Stop." Why, that might be enough to make Rush Limbaugh's head explode.

Then, while the GOP is busy broadcasting its endless assortment of confabs on Fox News (simulcast of course on virtually every AM radio station not doing traffic and weather), the other major networks - you know those liberal, elite in the tank for the Dems networks - will be hosting the Democratic debates featuring the future president, whoever she might be.

You know, come to think about it, I may have been a bit too hasty in my criticism of Reince. Perhaps there's a method to his madness. Last time the Republicans trotted out their band of escaped inmates, America got a pretty good look at them. Apparently too good a look. Even in a bubble as dense as the one in which the GOP has locked themselves into, two plus two still equals four. Overexposure clearly did not help them one bit. What better way to spare your party further humiliation, while at the same time offering up yet more fresh meat to the same group that still believes Obama is a Kenyan and stole the election?

Brilliant, I say, simply brilliant.

Oh, Reince, you sly dog, you really had me going there for a minute.    

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