Saturday, December 15, 2012


It's time to stop mincing words.  Time to stop worrying about the politics of this.

Yes, we have an awful lot of mentally ill people out there who need help and who probably shouldn't be walking among us, and yes, as a Facebook friend of mine adroitly pointed out yesterday, guns don't kill people, dicks with guns kill people, and, yes, if we didn't have guns, maybe some of these killings would've been carried out with knives or sticks or bricks or maybe even evil eyes, for all we know.

But the common denominator in all these mass murders is guns. Period! The simple and undeniable truth is that guns in this country are just too damn easy to get a hold of. They are falling into the wrong hands and innocent people are being killed. Yesterday, twenty children were senselessly murdered by a madman. Does anybody really think he could've pulled this off with just a knife? REALLY?

This has now become an epidemic of epic proportion. How many more must needlessly die to defend a strict interpretation of an amendment that, if you read it closely and honestly, seems to be referring to a "well regulated militia" not an absolute right?

It is time for our elected officials to collectively grow a pair and stand up to the NRA. Republicans, as well as Democrats, have way too much blood on their hands.  Gun-control regulation is long overdo. When it is easier to buy a hand gun than to get a prescription for a controlled substance, something is wrong. Here's another sad fact, 40% of the handguns that are LEGALLY sold in the U.S. occur WITHOUT a background check. That's appalling!

Will gun-control regulation solve all our problems? Of course not. But it will help and it may prevent the next massacre.

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