Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Somebody Throw Me A Bar Rag

So now it's Candy Crowley's fault that Mitt Romney didn't win his second debate with Barack Obama because she had the nerve to fact-check him during his now infamous meltdown over Benghazi.  Last week it was Martha Raddatz who was to blame for Paul Ryan not winning his debate over Joe Biden because she thought the role of a moderator was to actually moderate and not to impersonate a home room teacher the way Jim Lehrer did in Denver two weeks ago.

It's getting sadly predictable listening to the Right whine about the vast - and nonexistent - main-stream media conspiracy to ostensibly steal the election away from Mitt Romney and deliver it into the waiting hands of President Obama. Hint, they must be doing a pretty lousy job of ensuring an Obama victory, because the race for all intents and purposes is a statistical dead heat.  So much for conspiracy theories.

There's a clinical term for people who consistently believe that the world is somehow out to get them and that only they have the truth on their side.  It's called paranoia.

When Obama lost the first presidential debate in Denver you didn't here the Left blame Jim Lehrer.  True Lehrer's style left something to be desired, but the reason Romney won that debate was because of two factors: he did a 180 on virtually every policy position he had coming into the debate and the President was basically AWOL.

Mitt Romney lost the second debate at Hofstra because Obama was simply the better man that night and because Romney, when challenged, isn't nearly as effective a debater.  We saw him get flustered during the primaries and this time Obama decided to show up and get in his comfort zone. He also fell into a trap of his own making over a timeline involving the attack on Benghazi.  Here's another hint.  When you're opponent tells you to please proceed during what you think is a gotcha moment, it's probably not a good idea to proceed.  Okay, I stole that last one from Jon Stewart!

Listen, this isn't rocket science.  There are winners and losers in debates.  Obama lost one debate badly, Romney lost one narrowly.  With less than three weeks to go it's anybody's guess as to who will prevail.  Nobody is stealing the election, least of all the main-stream media, who seem to have a hard enough time being journalists, let alone robbers.

So, memo to Fox News, the A.M. radio dial and all the other space cadets in Captain Video land, please, dry up and stop your bitching.  You're embarrassing yourselves.

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