Pew Research: Romney and Obama Seen as Equal in Helping Middle Class

Not to beat a dead horse, but this is the first poll that isn't Republican leaning and the news couldn't be worse for the Administration.

Gordon Gekko is now on equal footing with the President as being able to help the middle class.  Yes you heard right.  The candidate who has more money in the Cayman Islands than PBS gets in funding, whose economic plan, if implemented, would devastate the middle class, is now considered even with the incumbent.  Not even a week has elapsed since the Denver debate and the one advantage Obama had over Romney regarding the economy has gone out the window.

Andrew Sullivan in The Daily Beast was on point here:

The problem with the debate is that if you simply default on rebutting those lies, low-information voters who can see a smart president incapable of responding or rebutting draw the obvious conclusion: Romney must be right. And when that is the first impression of the two debating, it's devastating.

And that's why I think the entire election has been recast on Romney's centrist terms, terms which Obama allowed to get away from him a while back, and which suddenly makes Romney - once again - the favorite. 

Not because the economy sucks - but because Romney provided a much clearer, if utterly dishonest, plan for the next four years, while Obama offered nothing. His closing statement was nothing.

Time to wake up people.



steve said…
It's tragic that Obama is also a prisoner of the corporatocracy and the military-industrial complex. Otherwise, he could speak the truth about those issues that most Americans are really concerned about. It's ironic, by deciding to take all that corporate cash, the Dems have made themselves even less competitive. When you dance with the devil, guess who leads.