Friday, September 21, 2012

Left Overs

It's been a busy month so far.  I'm still pondering some thoughts on that infamous Romney video tape, which I hope to post soon.  In the meantime, some loose ends that just couldn't wait.

Mitt Romney releases his 2011 tax return and pays 14.1%.  So let me see if I get this straight.  Old Gordo finally ponies up and releases the one tax return everyone in the whole-wide universe knows is going to be squeaky clean - even manages skip a few deductions to make himself look good - and we're all supposed to dry up and go away.  Remember when we all thought Romney was the sane one during the primaries?  Who knew he had such a sense of humor?

Paul Ryan gets booed at an AARP conference.  How naive - or arrogant for that matter - do you have to be to show up at a gathering of senior citizens as the principal architect for the demise of Medicare and then act shocked when you get booed?  Glad to see that bullshit line about how the President is stealing $716 billion from Medicare for Obamacare went over real well too.  And this is suppose to be the intellectual voice of the Republican Party? 

John Boehner announces that GOP won't agree to raise taxes on wealthy if Obama wins reelection.  Okay, repeat after me and altogether now, "No Way!"  I mean, really, imagine Republicans being staunchly opposed to any sign of cooperation, even after a defeat.  It's news to me.

Ann Romney tells Republican critics of her husband's campaign to "Stop It." To quote Danny DeVito from the sitcom Taxi, "Throw me a bar rag."  Somebody has to explain to Imelda Marcus that her "better half" is committing the political equivalent of suicide and who better than his own Party.  Hey Annie, this is the big leagues.  You don't like the heat, tell the domestics to stay the hell out of the kitchen.

Well, that's it for now.  More later.

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