Monday, April 9, 2012

Selective Activism - Postscript

So the Supreme Court has decided to re-examine its Citizens United ruling.  At least that's what some of my progressive friends are saying. No doubt they will come to their senses and realize that the ruling was wrong and undo the damage they've done.

And immediately after its new ruling, the Brooklyn Bridge will go on sale.  I got first dibs.

Sorry guys, I hate to burst your bubble, but expecting this Court to have an epiphany goes against everything we've come to expect from them.  The real reason for the revisit is not due to any altruism on the their part but because the Montana Supreme Court decided to ostensibly ignore the Citizens ruling and hold that state law overrides federal law.

Unfortunately for Montana, and the rest of the sane legal community, they're wrong.  Federal law, no matter how ridiculous, always trumps state law.  The issue of states' rights has long since been adjudicated.

Expect the federal Supreme Court to overrule the Montana Supreme Court and uphold its absurd decision.

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