Sunday, September 18, 2011

Live Free or Be Allowed to Die

Want to know the thing that most disturbed me about the CNN Tea Party debate last week?  No, it wasn’t Ron Paul’s predictable answer to Wolf Blitzer’s lame attempt at journalism question about whether a 30 year-old man who had lapsed into a coma should be allowed to die.  The idea that Paul or any of his cohorts in slime would fail to exhibit even a sliver of humanity in what could have been a golden opportunity to display compassion in front of their minions should come as no surprise to anyone.  For months, these fools have been on automatic pilot.  You can almost predict their answers before the questions are even asked.  Government? Smaller; Regulations? Less; Taxes? Lower; Obamacare? Rescind; Liberty and freedom? More, more, more!

No, what bothered me the most was the idiot in the background who shouted “Yeah” and the roar of approval from the buffoons in the audience.  If you had any doubts about whether the tail was truly wagging the dog, that display should remove them once and for all.  I used to think that what we were witnessing in the country over the last two and a half years was the replaying of that famous Brutus / Mark Antony scene out of Julius Caesar.  You know the one where Brutus foolishly cedes the stage to Antony and then allows him to speak to the mob, which then turns on Brutus and the other assassins?  Yeah, that scene.

Well Antony is still on the stage; only he’s not speaking, he’s listening: listening to his master’s voice – the mob.  And they are now clearly calling the shots.  This faction - the Tea Party - has not only become self-aware; it’s completely in charge of the whole damn ball of wax.  The candidates are as interchangeable as spare parts.  Forget Frankenstein’s monster going on a rampage throughout the village.  What we’re seeing now more closely resembles Godzilla destroying Tokyo.  Not even the specter of shame is enough to convict and deter them from their appointed rounds.  Their voracious appetite for power knows no equal that I can think of.  To paraphrase a famous line out of the movie Network, they’re mad as hell and they’re not going to take it anymore! 

What we saw up there on that stage weren’t eight independent-thinking human beings engaging in an open and honest debate; what we saw was the modern-day equivalent of the Stepford wives (and husbands) incarnate.  Eight docile and submissive robots all preprogrammed to give the answers that will please their creators and ensure their continued usefulness in the new order. 

Except that Huntsman, though; he could pose a problem.  He doesn’t snarl enough or bash Obama enough.  And that remark about global warming and evolution, can’t have that sort of thinking, can we?  He might have to be reprogrammed or eliminated altogether.  Better safe than sorry, right? Besides, seven is a smaller and more controllable number than eight.  Makes you almost feel sorry for the fools, doesn’t it.  Well, almost.

Oh, by the way, in case you were wondering about Brutus, worry not; he’s quite safe.  He’s been hiding out in Aruba getting a tan.  I hope he brought enough suntan lotion with him.  He’s going to be there a while.

O death where is thy sting?

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