Monday, July 11, 2011

Dim Bulbs

Attention all you horse and buggy devotees out there. Think the horseless carriage has spelled doom for your preferred choice of travel? Absolutely incensed at the gall of the Congress to impose strict mileage standards on the automobile, thus cementing its lock on vehicular transportation? Well look no further, my friends, because the Tea Party feels your pain and is willing and able to go to bat for you and every other seemingly lost cause it can think of. The horse and buggy, the Charleston, the prop plane, the LP, and now (drum roll please!) the incandescent light bulb.

That’s right, folks, the Tea Party – in the guise of Joe Barton (R-Texas) – has decided to challenge a provision in a 2007 energy law that requires all light bulb manufacturers to generate the same amount of light while using less electricity, with a new bill, aptly named by Barton the “Save the Light Bulb” bill.  And you'll never guess who thinks this bill is a great idea:  Good old Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Fox and Friends and, oh yes, the darling of the Midwest, Michele Bachmann, along with all the other assorted misfits and delinquents who make up most of the far Right in this country.

Never mind that the incandescent light bulb, as we know it, was never actually in jeopardy (only inefficient ones); never mind that the ’07 legislation was supported by Democrats and Republicans alike when it was first introduced – it passed the House with 314 votes and the Senate with 86 votes before being signed into law by George Bush; never mind that the new bulb would mean an annual savings of over $100 in electric bills per year to the average household; and also never mind that the now worried manufacturers, who have already started producing the new bulbs, are now lobbying lawmakers urging them not to rescind the provision. None of that means anything to the good folks at the Tea Party Express, where sanity and common sense are considered electives in governance.

Really now, the government is weeks away from defaulting on its debt, and this is what these dim bulbs are focusing on? Now I know I’ve seen everything. Usually right about now is when I’d say something clever and sarcastic, but to be honest, part of me still can’t believe there are actually representatives and senators who would be this stupid.

Come to think of it, yeah, I believe it.  These days I believe anything.  Well, gotta go now.  I'm going upstairs to play some of my old 8-Track recordings.  Tomorrow it's off to work in my brand new Hudson. Hey, it's a free country, ain't it?

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