Three and Out.

Even when presented with poll numbers that prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the majority of Americans favor letting the Bush tax cuts expire for the rich, Democrats are dropping back to punt.


To coin a popular phrase, these guys couldn’t get lucky in a bordello. Apparently, the new “strategy” is to sit back and wait for the GOP to bring up a vote on extending the tax cuts for every one – which will fail – and then pound their chests and say, “See, all they – the Republicans – care about is the rich.” The problem is that after the Republican bill goes down to defeat, the Democrats will still have to get their own bill out onto the floor which will extend the cuts for every one under $250,000, or risk letting all of them go up in smoke. How much you wanna bet that Republicans will block that bill from ever getting a vote? The ranch, I say.


Can you spell Trap? Because that’s what this is, and the Democrats are falling right into it. Rather than take the initiative and define who they are and what they stand for, Democrats are, once more, playing politics and forcing the opposition to make its move first, which is just what the GOP is secretly hoping for.

Just like they’ve done now for almost two years, Republicans are going to redefine a narrative, turn a negative into a positive, and ram it down their opponents’ throat. They have already made “no” a household word, now they are going to sell the country the greatest lie of all: that rich people are an endangered species who desperately need still more money just to survive. And the Democrats are going to sit back and watch it happen, just like they’ve done for almost two years.

How many times can a political party snatch defeat from the jaws of victory and still be allowed to call itself a political party? Can November get here fast enough?


Peter Fegan said…
Memo to Paul Krugman who wrote an op-ed piece in the Times today in which he wrote that the Democrats are going to punt: Stop Ripping Me Off Paul. Go get your own sports analogy!