Saturday, July 3, 2010

Independence Day

Each year we celebrate our nation's independence day, and each year, it seems, we lose the meaning of what this day actually stands for.  In between our parades and our barbecues and our firework displays, we proudly and, yes, arrogantly blow our horn to let the world know just how special and unique we are.

Well, I was looking for just the right sort of words to commemorate this July 4th, and I found them.  Ironically, they come from a blog I wrote two years ago. Looking back over it, I found it quire apropos.  The title speaks for itself.


A real patriot isn't someone who just mindlessly waves a flag and puts his hand over his heart when reciting the pledge of allegiance.

A real patriot isn't someone who says he stands for freedom, yet challenges other peoples rights to expression when they respectfully disagree.

A real patriot doesn't smear the integrity of other ethnic groups simply because they are different or in the minority.

A real patriot doesn't challenge someone's courage or loyalty simply because the thought of occupying another nation is abhorrent to their beliefs and values.

And finally a real patriot isn't someone who for one day claims to love his country, yet the rest of the year does everything possible to embarrass it.

No, a real patriot would be the exact opposite of the above and on this Independence Day, let's celebrate the ideals of such individuals. They are not fictional; they were our founding fathers, and their spirit lives on not just on July 4th, but on every day of the year.

While you're hoisting down a brew or eating a hot dog, remember their sacrifice today and try always to remember that real patriots don't just love their country they challenge it!

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